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NEO and Hazard con video reviews

ConmanSteel City Comic Con was this weekend, but that’s a bit big for me, especially with celebs charging an extra $20 for a photo at thier table on top of autograph charges. That didn’t stop me from sending my Victor Crowley poster with a friend to get signed, but I digress….

While we were taking a con break this weekend, Maddie finally got around to doing her own video reviews of the last couple shows she attended! I’m always interested to get her perspective on the conventions we attend. Below you’ll find her reviews of both Hazard Con and NEO Comiccon!



Hazardcon this weekend!

We’re heading out this Sunday to check out this show – it’s a new one to us, but Maddie wants to do more Anime cons! Don’t just wait for us though, Hazardcon runs all weekend at the Ambassador Banquet & Conference CenterĀ 7794 Peach St ( I-90 Exit 24 ), Erie, Pennsylvania 16509!