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This is a portrait of Maddie did of her and her friend George. She’s known him since they were babies.  I love the beautiful rainbow colored frame….

art  Maddie Friend


Maddie’s bird cage

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A favorite of her mother and her grandmother, Maddie did this birdcage in watercolors. Her grandmother demanded it be framed and put in her home where it hangs today.


Lydia’s Butterfly

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The project was to create an image of somethign from a list using found materiakls from outside. Lydia choose a butterfly and then weh notu to find things to make it out of. She selected these items and this is what she came up with.

I’m stunned at how beautiful the concept is.



Lydia’s monster book

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Lydia of course, knows that I like monsters. Lately she’s been creating books by folding a piece of paper in half and drawing in it. This is a monster book she created for me.

art  Lydia monster2 copy


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One of Lydia’s mother’s favorite outfits to put her in is her giraffe outfit. Lydia has worn it to the zoo more than once. So one day she decided to put on  the giraffe outfit and draw the animal itself!

art  Lydia giraffee

Maddie’s Scarecrow

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I just like this..although sometimes  that stick seems to pop up…..


Lyds and Carmel

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Last month it was Maddie drawing one of her friends. This month Lydia presents her favorite friend…her and her kitty Carmel.

art  Lydia peoplr


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Last year we attended the Superman day over at Carol and John’s comic shop. Well, the character intrigued Lydia and she decided one day to draw her own!



art showBannerTangled is one of Lydia’s favorite movies. This is her rendition of Rapunzel. I’m actually impressed she even got the tower in the background!

art  Lydia rapunzle


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Today we have a Frankenstien picture. Maddie was watching the munsters and decided to try and draw Herman!


Mermaid art

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It’s a new year and this feature has a new name. Last year I found Lydia was contributing to this column just as much as her sister so it’s only fair she get some credit here too!

Today Lydia is trying to draw her Mermaid doll on her water mat. She starts by tracing around it and then filling in details!

100_4206 100_4207 100_4208 100_4209 100_4210 100_4211 100_4212



Maddie BannerMaddie wanted a special game for the party. She wanted to do “Pin-The-Tail-on-The-PONY”, and because Daddy can draw anything she asked me to make it up for her. I told her that was fine but she would have to color it, then asked which pony she wanted. She asked for Princess Celestia.

Here it is, about two feet by two and a half, colored by Maddie!


Maddie’s Recycled Robot

Maddie Banner

Today’s art project was to make a robot out of recycled materials! Maddie came home and presented this guy to me!

Made by Samsung DVC

Maddie Misses Daddy

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Most nights, the girls ask what we are doing in the morning. Usually they will ask me if I have work in the morning. They also ask on Saturday mornings when I wake up and come down stairs.  Any day I tell them I have work they pout and are sad.

I’ve explained to them that Daddy works so we can pay for out home, our food, our cars and everything we need to get by, but they still tell me they wish I didn’t have to go away and work every day.

Maddie stayed with her grandparents a while ago and when she came home she brought me this.

maddie card 1

Inside it reads “A monster you can find in the Library is called Matthew”

maddie card 2

“From Maddie to Daddy, remember I love you so much”maddie card 3

Another Lydia artwork!

Maddie Banner

Lydia is back with a picture of her family. you can see Mommy, Daddy, along with Maddie and Lydia here!

lyds family

Head over to Violent Blue to see what’s going on there!

Maddie at work

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Maddie asked for a Pin-the-Tail-on-the-PONY game for her birthday party. She knows I do Violent Blue and believes I can draw anything. I try not to let her down. I whipped out her MLP coloring book and asked which she wanted. She choose Princess Celestia. You know, I think Celestia is the most difficult of all the ponies to draw actually…..

So I drew her, pencils and inks and left her out because Maddie wanted to color the picture herself!


And here’s the final product! Maddie had a happy birthday and all her friends were impressed by her coloring abilities!


Maddie’s Cupcake

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This was a fun project – Maddie had to paste half of a picture and draw out the second half.

maddie cupcake

Maddie’s Trains

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Lately Maddie has been dabbling in train pictures. That’s probably her grandfather’s influence but still very cool Here we present Maddie’s Trains!

t6rain2 t6rain1

Maddie’s book

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This month, we’re showcasing a short story about popcorn that Maddie wrote.

A very short story.

maddies book

It’s not Violent Blue, but it’ll do huh?

Lydia’s Robot

Maddie decided that since she was such a big help with Maddie’s Monthly Art Show last month, that she’d let Lydia showcase one of her own pieces this month.

Lyds has been coming home from preschool with interesting things here and there and this month we’re showing off her Robot!

Perhaps it may be time to rename this monthly feature?

Merry Christmas!

Maddie Banner

We’ve got an extra Maddie Monthly art show this month. You see, Maddie is old enough now and seems to notice that I’m not really into Christmas. Remember this page from her book last year?


Anyhow, this year, she’s been drawing up a storm to try and get me back in the Christmas mood (honestly, if I were as prolific as her, I’d have those final 30 Violent Blue strips done by now….)



I’ll admit, it IS nice to have a tree in my library this year….


This time Maddie asked me to draw her a Spider-Man. We were watching the musical and she decided she wanted to color him. She realized though, that she wasn’t sure abotu the color scheme. Maddie started to look for a guide and realized she had one right in front of her. Maddie grabbed the DVD case and used it to follow the colors. She actually did a really nice job here. The guys over at Violent Blue would be proud

Monster for Daddy

Maddie grabbed her crayons and a piece of paper and told me she was going to draw some thing for me. She said she was going to draw a scary monster.

This is what she came up with. A creepy creature with six heads and eight arms and six

legs.  Isn’t he cute?

Violent Blue needs more monsters.


Maddie had just come home from vacation where she went to Lego Land. She then found a Lego based VBS to go to! I though this was the coolest of any of the things she brought home.

I wonder if I could work Legos into Violent Blue?