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DollarindexI’d just like to say that I feel very much lied to by the cover of Moontrap. Looking at this I get the vibe of working and fighting on the moon but then encountering some bizarre lost civilization of giant robots… kind of like Transformers. What we actually get is archaeologists finding a strange formation in a remote area and realizing that it’s The tip of a space ship. Sinister Secret Service dispatchs an agent played by the father from the Nanny Charles Shaunessy (And let me tell you, that’s some weird miscasting) out to control the situation, and kill the scientists that may discover the secrets. This all goes sideways, the spaceship reactivates in the end of the second act, spiriting them off to a secret building on the moon. This is where things get a little bit hazy. I know there’s giant robots, Poorly designed and animated, they remind me a lot of the mecha from Robot Jox, but can’t tell if they’re lifeforms or if they were built by the indexlifeforms… Or if this was an ancient civilization of humans… I’m pretty sure they try to explain it but it gets really weird towards the end.
The movie is slow and the lack of budget shows. It’s ultimately trying to be an archaeology paranoia epic but it ultimately fails to keep my interest. This one is a bit of avoid.