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Scouts versus zombies

Movie bannermaxresdefault12065637_1060248014019621_4929126102284235455_n12107228_1055599751151114_8057408519980357327_nLast night I attended an advance screening of the Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. (and a big thanks to Ginger Rose and Creation 13 Photography for hooking me up wiht the tickets) It’s my second time seeing the film and I’m got to say, I still love this movie.
On my second viewing there were a few new things that stood out, one of them in particular was the look of the zombies. I mentioned this previously on my review over at the Kreepy Kastle, but it’s really significant. The ashen, veiny look works very well in full light and there’s a lot of weird lighting in this filmwhich highlights that. But where it really shines, is in isolated dark spaces. That skin looks grey, dead. The eyes are bottomless black holes, shadows casting long over the sockets with only an occasional glint of the red irises. It’s ghastly. It’s incredibly effective, and more than a little reminiscent of Night of the Living Dead.

The conceit of animals getting infected by the zombie virus is put to good use here. It’s not just a one off gag about hitting a zombie deer (or as one of the scouts so colourfully puts it; “hood @&$!ing Bambi”), not just something specific to make this movie stand it out. It comes back on us with even greater peril after we encounter the neighbourhood crazy cat lady.

The “lifeline “scene at the trampoline is still horrifying.I still cringe when things begin to…tear.

There is an Easter egg at one point that I hadn’t noticed the first time around. as they’re making their mid film escape, we see a road sign labeling their town and the neighbouring city. I guess I know what state this takes place in then… Really, I missed it the first time because I was distracted by the side of the Boy Scouts trying to calm a zombie down by coaxing it to sing a Britney Spears song with them.

12088016_1060289097348846_2509636929023266662_nSeriously, if that doesn’t get you excited for this movie I don’t know what will.

And that’s really the point of this post. You see, I’m only now beginning to notice commercials on TV for the movie, and I see only one billboard for this in the Cleveland area. It’s not that unusual, horror films frequently don’t get the kind of advertising budget they should. This film needs more buzz, it deserves it. This is exactly the sort of movie that could play endlessly on basic Cable because it’s one of those things where if you land on this why you’re flipping channels, you’re going to stay and watch the rest of the film. I know I will. Heck, not only that, I really want a Scouts versus zombies 2. But for that to happen, we need to get out and see this when it comes out this weekend! Clocking in at under 90 minutes there is no wasted space. There is never a time to be bored. It’s a good thing, this film knows exactly what it is, and now so do you.

Seriously, Head out and see the scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse this weekend on Halloween!

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse and 12 hours of Terror

Movie banner

12141728_1049693461741743_384673542609489693_n12 Hours of Terror was a blast this weekend, just as always.Got a late afternoon nap, got my coffee and my superman blanket and  headed out to the Capitol theater in Cleveland with The monster mash blaring full blast out of my car speakers. Parking was nuts. Got in late and the place was packed. And I mean PACKED. I got the last seat in the last row and as the first film of the night went on, I saw people sitting on the floor. I figured I’d be stuck in the back until people start to bail – only a handful of folks last the entire night. First film up was night of the living dead…had a commentary running on Amy’s iPod. I mean no disrespect, it’s just, I’ve seen this now like FIVE times in the theater in the last three years. I’m a little burned out.

Still it’s amazing what a high quality print on a huge screen with a receptive audience can do for the movie. It still passes the watch test and remain a fascinating character piece. the fact that I’ve met most of the cast doesn’t hurt any either.

Turns out I wasn’t stuck in the back the rest of the night either, one of my friends found me and brought me down to the middle of the theater with a few of her buddies she had brought along. On to the next film of the evening. Man, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I saw creepshow! I didn’t know Ed Harris or Tom Atkins was in it….

Tom Atkins without his mustache is the real monster here.

We’ll talk about the surprise screening in the middle a little later. I was actually looking forward to seeing the Descent on the big screen, but that mid-marathon fatigue hit and I managed to doze a little during the very beginning. Let’s face it, the first fifteen minutes are a lifetime movie….
The descent really loses a lot of its ability to scare on repeat viewings. This was my third time seeing it, though the audience was reacting very strongly. I suspect a lot of them had never seen it before. One nice thing about the big screen look, you can see a lot more detail on the crawlers.
While I was standing in line for coffee . They had the Vincent price episode of the muppets playing during the intermission. That was a new twist – indie movies and short features during the breaks between films. I like it but I also missed the old movie trailers they’ve done in years past.

Pumpkinhead surprisingly doesn’t get any better or worse on the big screen. No noticeable improvement in quality, this is a film made for direct to video. I’d also question the wisdom of playing Madman next to last in the marathon. Madman is NOT a good film. There’s no story, it’s just a  set up for random kills and the single most awkward love scene in all of 80’s and 70’s cinema. Sleepyness was in full force here, and I suspect a better film would have kept my attention better. By the way, would you believe they are actually doing a reunion for this movie at The Chiller Theatre convention this year?1madman
tumblr_ly4qlnCdQK1qla11zo1_500I’m not even sure if Cinema Wasteland would bother with that one….

American Werewolf in London was as good as it always has been. One thing that always strikes me about it though, I didn’t see this untill I was an adult, but I was very familiar with the creatures in the dream sequence from having “Fright Flicks” trading cards as a kid. It’s always weird to me to see those masks on screen and it always bothers me how they aren’t articulated at all…I always imagined they would be. Sadly I had to leave a little; the films were running behind and I had to be on the other side of Cleveland at 9:30. But that’s alright, the Capitol has actually screened this in the past (one of the reasons I was surprised to see it in the mix here)

Anyhow, lets get to the secret film;

12107228_1055599751151114_8057408519980357327_n It turns out that the surprise movie at 12 Hours of Terror this year was an advance screening of Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse! The full review is up on the Kreepy Kastle!