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Faith, horror and comics….

I see that no one has taken a stab at that Whose Line caption yet. I feel really bad about that. Usually I can whip up two or three, but just haven’t had any inspiration over there. I hope someone can throw a strip or two up there before Ben has to change it.

However, we do have a new Violent Blue up, talking about how Christians seem to find each other in the strangest places. I was a little surprised the first time this happened at The Chamber Nightclub, but at this point it no longer freaks me out. It’s not just clubs either…I find the people of faith at Horror cons, comic shops, film and art festivals…and it’s never when I’m expecting it.

Speaking of comic shops, one of the guys I was playing Heroclix with Monday night told me there was a new one out in Lorain, so I slipped out there this week. Not a lot of local places sell modern Heroclix singles so I really wanted to check out the selection. The place is nice, clean and friendly, in fact, they were kind enough to hook me up with that FCDB Green lantern I missed out on! I’m thinking of stopping out there for game nights on the off weeks I don’t play at Warzone (Like the week of my wife’s monthly game night). Check out Get ‘Em Comics at this address :


Finally, we got Taversia Top list back up on the comic site, so do me a favor and vote me up a bit over there huh? I’ve got some lost time to make up for.


You can find today’s Violent Blue here:


Whose line stumps me

The new caption over at Whose Line is it Anywhoo is indeed up, but “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” is a Little too much like “Maybe it’s time for a new job” that we just did a few months ago, and I used all my ideas on that one. You may have stumped me on this one Ben.


In the mean time, I may post a couple of pages from teh Whose Line project I’m playing around with….a single story, but with each page using a line from the Whose Line submissions. I’m a page or two behind, and I actually have one strip that goes before the first one I did…yeah it’s confusing. You didn’t expect anything I do to be simple did you?

New Violent Blue up today, and while we take a swipe at bad tomato movies over there, I’m thinking about one of the stars of the film (return of the killer tomatoes).

You know, I used to like George Clooney, but he hasn’t been funny in anything since “One Fine Day”. These days his rider for acting in a movie includes a little “beach hut” outside his trailer, a landscaped garden, and a basketball court (A half court I’m sure). No wonder it costs 11 dollars to go to the movies. Clooney turns me off these days because he’s gotten a little too full of himself. It’s a good idea to remind him where he came from with movies like this and “Return to Horror High”.

Return of the Killer Tomatoes Also has another thing going for it, it features John Astin (Gomez from the Addams Family, Buddy from Night Court, heck, he even played the riddler once on the old Batman TV show) who would go on to reprise his role as a mad scientist. The movie also breaks the fourth wall a lot as it satirizes product placment in films.

All in all, Return is actually a very fun film, though don’t expect it to bear much resemblance to “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”. We won’t get that untill later installments (there’s four movies in this franchise. Can you believe it?)

You can find the new strip here :

I wonder if Whose Line has a new caption up yet?

New strip up

There’s a new strip up over at Violent Blue. We’re almost out of this story arc, but f you’d prefer superhero antics, you can also check out the new strip up at Whose Line Anywhoo. Bonus points if you can figure out where the Joker’s speech comes from.


Visit the new Violent Blue here :


and the new Whose Line here :

New Strip Up

New Violent Blue today. Still trying to come up with someting for Whose Line.

Visit us here.

Rain Day and new comics

So  the art show got rained out yesterday. I’m a little upset about that. However, I guess it gives me more time to prep. On the other hand, the date  that was mentioned for the rain date is the last day of Cinema Wasteland. I’m even more upset about that. Grrrr. I guess I’ll live.

Any how, a new Violent Blue is up, and if that’s not enough Violent Blue, there’s also a VB strip up today over at Whose Line is it Anywhoo

See todays strip here :

and my guest strip over at Whose Line here :

Now I’m off to meet up for Heroclix at War Zone games in Parma. I should be there around six or so if anyone else wants to play.

Two new strips up

New Violent Blue up today, view it here:

Now if I can only get the Kansas Song “power” out of my head…. and believe it or not, when this question was asked in Church, I did NOT give either of these answers. (But other people did…)

Sorry for the late update this morning. I input the wrong number for the month and it posted as if it were back in July. The new Whose Line posted this morning should make up for my lateness though!

View it here:

And here’s the recap:

New Violent Blue is up today. Go take a look at that while I think up something to do for Whose Line is it Anywho?

Oh look! There’s ANOTHER Whose line up. Unfortunately, I got so obscure here, that I only know abotu two people who will probably get the joke without resorting to looking at the notes in the comments.

Find it here :

The website updates never end.

Working on some website face lifting over at Violent Blue. Added a FB activity monitor and reshaped the flag counter. I swear, if I could just get a nice side column of links and stuff (move the facebook feed, get a blog feed, stuff like that….I’m not the code ninja that the squrrel is) next to the comic frame I’d be done…and could get back to important stuff, like making comics.

In other news, the flag counter has registered our 20th country. I find that to be really exciting.

Finally, we all know Captian America is opening this week, and it is playing at one of my preferred theatres (the Lorain Palace) so I’m definately going, probably next week. We’re in the middle of a story arc though, so I don’t know that there will be a comic based on it. If there is, it’ll be late.

There’s another Whose Line strip up, along with the next installment of  Violent Blue. Find them here:

New Violent Blue is up.

We’re still continuing the blind date arch, over here at Violent Blue

However,  it’s also come to my attention that Whose Line snuck up one of my strips when I wasn’t looking. If you’re into Doctor Who, this is hilarious. If not, it’s probably just confusing.

Also fair to note, this strip was entirely done with my new graphics tablet. Still working out the bugs.

Happy reading, and eventually I’ll get around to talking abotu going to see Transformers and hamlet last week (Not at the tsame time, but still.)

Best Two Out of Three

Whose Line is it Anyhoo? is bravely publishing my guest strips again. This week’s caption is “Best two out of three” . I’m trying not go with a traditional useage of these phrases…as a result, it’s been taking me to some really strange places.

View today’s strip here :