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Charles Craig from Night of the Living Dead guest stars!

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Special appearance from Night of the Living Dead’s Charles Craig

12th Annual Monster and Zombie Walk


69009733_2333753603543070_5775853031610384384_n.jpgIt’s that time of year again when the monsters crawl out of the darkness to come and haunt Lakewood.

69906351_2703083343069405_8334918516503216128_n_2703083339736072I’ve been doing these for the better part of a decade, and this time around I had my daughter with me. She’s been getting more and more into the cosplay scene this year and decided she wanted to pull her monster cupcake out of storage for this event. The costume had to be altered to fit her (She’s grown a lot in in two and a half years) but once we added some extra frosting and accessorized with a chainsaw, she was ready to go!

For my own part, I wanted to do something related to Friday the 13th (which had been the previous day). The thing is, I have always been way more of a Freddy guy than a Jason guy (More of a Dracula fan  than a Frankenstein one too fora that matter). I ended up doing a hybrid – Freddy vs. Jason. Half on each side.

A lot of the zombie walks out there have gone by the wayside. It’s fallen out of fashion, but the event at the 5 O’Clock Lounge shows no signs of slowing down. I’m glad. It’s a great charity event and was one of the ways I taught my children about giving and service that’s not just confined to Sunday mornings at Church. As long as they keep holding these zombie themed food drives, I’ll keep on showing up. See you in the spring!


Portage Lakes Zombie Walk

events13524309_1212890542088700_7516179557747780514_n13528912_1212891278755293_8879920118125136567_nOur local group of zombie hunters, the Z.E.R.O.S. wanted to kick summer off with the new zombie march, in a new location! This walks sponsor was Johnny Jays pub – a little place near Akron. I seem to be driving out  that way a lot lately… The Z.E.R.O.S.  came out in force, with umbrella cars showing up,  the zeros own ambulance, and they were accompanied by a group of mercenaries from Columbus,rollling up in what was possibly the most amazing Zombie hingit vehicle I have ever seen – a caged baby zombie in the back, guns that actuallly fire (nerf pellets) and decked out all around!


Plenty of help arrived, all ready to do battle with the undedead. It’s a good thing as well, because the zombies came out in force!

With a new venue, and especially a new event – this may be one of the first summer 13532815_1212890652088689_5722281041995106056_nwalks in the Cleveland area- you expect a little bit lighter turnout. While the numbers weren’t quite reaching the heights that we see in Lakewood, there was still a surprisingly large number of monsters ready to run the streets. I pulled out my beach zombie costume – this was one I had been thinking about ever since the summer walk was announced… when I think summer, I think the beach – and what better way to do a zombie with a beach theme them to be covered and see monsters! I created some mutant starfish, along with some evil looking seahorses and wrapped myself up in the arms of a black and purple octopus that ended up being a lot more high maintenance than I  expected – I was trying new material for that head and man its l13494808_1212890208755400_5248567623244970167_night! I may have to rethink the way are used him if I’m gonna pull him out again for MonsterFestMania next month.

There are a few outbreaks of violence, one zombie is had to be put down – another zombie hunter had to keep me away from the little lake and cistern (my octopus really wanted to get that water!) , but all in all the zombie march felt a little bit more subdued than usual.  I’m chalking it up to the more rural path that we took. We passed some houses with a lot of space in between them, some nice trees and scenery in front, but not much in the way of pedestrians or passers-by – we walked by a gas station in a circle K (they told me 13529114_1212890758755345_4373163353109133124_nthey watched us march through when I stop by on my way home to grab something cold) but not a lot of people to sprea. We did find one homeowner who came out from watching us on her porch to find out about what we’re doing, and we were stopped by someone near the Save-A-Lot with a bag of canned food for us. Stuff like that really makes this kind of drives very worthwhile.

We wrapped up the walk back at Johnny Jay’s, where they had food specials ready for us – burgers or hotdogs for a dollar, things like that.  The weather cooperated and made for a beautiful sunny zombie march.

Akron’s kind of a haul though. I’m not sure that this will be one of my regular stops, but I’m really glad I was able to get out at this location and see how this particular event premiered, and I’m excited to see where it goes from here.


Lorain County Zombie Walk 2014


10613009_10202281315905071_4466094895265830125_nIt was raining a lot on Friday and Saturday started off gray. It was enough I think, to scare off a lot of potential zombies, but not us.

The Amherst walk has been my favorite since it’s inception, and while I did a superhero zombie costume last year, this time around I wanted something more traditional.


Unfortunately, when you don’t give yourself enough time, things don’t always turn out well. I’m not happy with this look. I used an old appliance I had lying round (and new we see WHY I don’t use this prosthetic) and tried to do the blisters again I’m convinced this is a good idea with the blisters, but I just haven’t figured out how to pull it off.

10600457_10201971028351111_8070563976990845259_nMy daughter Lydia bailed on me at the last minuet, but even better, my wife Amy agreed to go with me – those chains you see me in? she’s got the other end of them in her hands.

It’s not Amy’s thing, and she was having a bad MS day COMBINED with cramps, but after people started talking to her, complementing her on her pet and she started to get into it. I think she was surprised by how funny it can be seeing the other peoples costumes, seeing the reactions and hearing the zombie hunters like Sgt. Cunnngham warn the passers by about the hordes of undead roaming the streets. I’d lunge at people and she’d yank the chain (and me) back. She’d whip out her gun and blast the zombies that really freaked her out. On several occasions we ran into her friend Crystal and her son who were acting as survivors this time around. It was GREAT having her around.

We weren’t chosen for the costume contest but did stick around to watch and see who won. There was a prize for both the best looking Zombie and the best looking survivor. I loved the little girl in the surgeon suit.

I was a little surprised, in addition to the zombie turnout being a little light (but still a VERY respectable turnout) the vendor area seemed like it was about half as full as last year. Again, I suppose the rainy weather forecast may be to blame. It showered on us a tad last year and that may have kept people away.  In addition to the vendors they also were running a 50/50 raffle, with half the proceeds going to the food bank. Obviously a lot of people participated because the pot was up to $160. The greatest part of this however was when the lady (in gray with the brown pattern down her top) in the picture below won, she gave the money back to be donated into the food bank.


The zombie walks have always been a fun way of raising money an canned goods for the Second Harvest Food bank in Lorain County and I’m glad to be a part of it. There’s one more this year, coming towards the end of the month. Hopefully I’ll be there wit the girls in tow! (and just in case you were wondering, there is new Violent Blue up today!)10460537_347577045406434_4769036006561409390_n 10494564_347534085410730_6330595903110081150_n 10540819_347576632073142_6741218663347948407_n 10610816_347474768749995_5041406499771246643_n 10635820_347576885406450_1714516167398862014_n 10635855_347577015406437_1554779469698388126_n 10636103_347576908739781_80150226934526664_n 10690000_347533858744086_8403133543230486054_n

12261_10202281309464910_4472288762024903987_n 16359_10202281318625139_178461436924436533_n 1486854_10202281321305206_5367795241678600655_n 1497680_10202281330985448_8107548323989475359_n 1654190_10202281318665140_6674316346271736734_n 1779252_10202281335185553_3297548206852230619_n 1907421_10202281333025499_9205269544654594727_n 1924369_10202281332945497_7992052240734906514_n 10363609_10202281315825069_5880681188906333769_n 10363809_10202281310944947_4337259332022319241_n 10368470_10202281315945072_7911670142166987151_n 10377610_10202281332865495_7184138039596372403_n 10382443_10202281314225029_1625136889880214922_n 10408615_10202281314185028_8122876317254773967_n 10426288_10202281327585363_2006568406356775058_n 10509494_10202281310864945_6619326044840671995_n 10523941_10202281318705141_6547519037139368149_n 10537063_10202281318745142_2611370538329667695_n 10584097_10202281321225204_2881203009252093297_n 10603342_10202281321265205_5771320946886751757_n 10603662_10202281330945447_8166576967829128642_n 10606370_10202281332985498_3932221811860497906_n 10610729_10202281315785068_5069991239951672746_n 10613009_10202281315905071_4466094895265830125_n 10613150_10202281309544912_1094070112674711439_n 10614339_10202281310984948_3604870523739707785_n 10616105_10202281314105026_7012355864097621080_n 10624900_10202281314145027_8383524306010281922_n 10626843_10202281328665390_8617466004136170069_n 10626843_10202281328745392_1923109482734730789_n 10635922_10202281332905496_8250965680848859728_n 10636331_10202281335225554_2754924525864168912_n 10647027_10202281328625389_7995551132549436611_n 10647234_10202281335345557_6733486827457605513_n 10653508_10202281331025449_675878406683610148_n 10653513_10202281321185203_757197559353282617_n 10653541_10202281314065025_8402009493127940089_n 10653858_10202281328785393_6818976057441261184_n 10653858_10202281330905446_4416575063845034777_n 10659301_10202281336225579_491139572441548377_n 10660082_10202281335265555_6099875165492393185_n 10665229_10202281327545362_8557279115786715005_n 10665773_10202281310904946_2638010764733100657_n 10670138_10202281315865070_599586154610013123_n 10689725_10202281321345207_2108786927240828844_n 10696264_10202281335305556_3236718849666274186_n

OSS Zombie Walk

eventsMy friend Laverne noticed I was hitting the OSS zombie walk and asked “I thought you already did this?”

New_100_5745It’s easy to see why she was confused….in the last few weeks we’ve had zombie walk at the 5 O’Clock and Night of the Living Dead at the Apollo.

OSS is one of the oldest zombies walks in the Cleveland area, and these days it’s held at Mahalls on Madison in Lakewood. It always draws a big crowd and this year they added some extras such as the screening of night of the living Dead in the basement and the Zombie prom a little later on.

Maddie asked if she could be someone from the Walking Dead, but didn’t really want to wear much makeup…so we made her Lizzie. My wife asked Maddie “Please promise me to not grow up and become a serial killer.”


I wanted to try something different too. I’ve been wanting to do a skinless Frank from Hellraiser for a couple of years, but the one time I tried it the makeup didn’t turn out very well. I decided to try again…and do it better, with good bones and a new bald cap.


I’m very pleased with how it came out…except EVERYONE recognized me! I ran into Ryan and Halle spotted me before I even got into the Bowling Alley.

“Got here just in time!” Ryan told me “I’m just about to start this walk!”

Inside Jason and Tina caught me as well and knew me immediately.

New_100_5717How is everyone recognizing me in this makeup?”

“Three years at Wasteland, of course I’m going to recognize you!” Jason replied.

I had to grab a photo of Zombie cap, and he told me “Put this on my facebook!”

“Okay, what’s your name?”

“It’s me, Mark!” I felt like such a putz not recognizing him…but apparently most people were fooled.

Before the walk, WB reps came out and handed out posters then took photos of zombies holding them up to promote the movie. Maddie even got a frisbee! (And was amazingly excited about that….)



It was a good walk, a lot of the zombies were getting into character, rushing the people watching on porches, chasing pedestrians and occasionally New_100_5746getting into skirmishes with the zombie hunters. Maddie loved watching the zombies run and fight.  It may have been the most fun she’s had at one of these.

Afterwards, it was downstairs at the bowling alley for Night of the Living Dead on 16mm film. Maddie made it thorough about half of it, then needed a break. We went upstairs and since we WERE in a bowling alley, we got a lane. There’s something surreal about watching a skinless man bowl….


A good night for a good cause, with the canned goods and money going to the Cleveland food bank. I think I may need a break for zombies for a short while though. That’s okay, we’ve got Lake Effect Comicon this weekend, and new Violent Blue all week!

New_100_5675New_100_5679 New_100_5680 New_100_5683 New_100_5695 New_100_5718 New_100_5719 New_100_5720 New_100_5721 New_100_5722 New_100_5723 New_100_5725 New_100_5726 New_100_5727 New_100_5728 New_100_5729 New_100_5730 New_100_5732 New_100_5733 New_100_5734 New_100_5735 New_100_5736 New_100_5737 New_100_5738 New_100_5739 New_100_5740 New_100_5741 New_100_5742 New_100_5743 New_100_5745 New_100_5747 New_100_5748 New_100_5750 New_100_5751 New_100_5756 New_100_5762 New_10155544_628663150559390_2384409237982511438_n New_10177917_296537643843708_8397998452839179263_n New_10294453_628693603889678_6641455812918466441_n New_10311768_296536940510445_6024209195108893311_n New_10322783_296537263843746_6649124258522282843_n New_10353579_296537243843748_3152877724204313796_n New_10354659_628706580555047_7989247967116254962_n10154430_518475058279317_8795777991377521120_n 10371398_518519321608224_1869855529319269187_n


Spookshow Live Saturday night at 11:55!

Featuring the Romero Classic movie “Night of the Living Dead” from 1968. Come and see this retro style Spookshow with hosts Dale Kay and Mike MrManiacal Maxim as they present this horror classic in a throwback to the old style spookshows complete with live interactive entertainment! Come meet the horror hosts of The Kreepy Kastle, experience this unique live show, and feast your eyes on the zombie movie that started it all! Don’t worry we will have the zombie response team the Z.E.R.O.s on hand to protect you in case of a zombie outbreak. Invite your friends…you don’t want to come alone because you never know what terrors await you during Spookshow LIVE!

Tickets can be purchased the night of the show at the theater for only $4. Live entertainment and an awesome cult classic horror flick for only $4 make’s’s Spookshow LIVE a must for anyone!



I’ll be there too, though you never know what I might look like…

spookshow 2

Monster Walk at the 5 O’Clock


A little history real quick. The Old School Sinema charity zombie walk was held at the 5 O’clock lounge for years, and it gradually got bigger and bigger. A couple years ago, they felt they had outgrown the venue and moved it to a bowling alley a street or two over. Yet folks kept asking the 5’Oclock, when they were going to bring the zombie walk back. That got them thinking, maybe they could do one on their own. And to further differentiate themselves from the other Lakewood walk, they would make it not just a Zombie walk…but a MONSTER walk. All creatures welcome.

I believe this is the inaugural year for this event, but I could be wrong about this. It feels like a first year though. Attendance was small and the organization felt loose. There were a lot of the usual suspects there however. The Z.E.R.O.S. (Zombie Eradication & Rescue Operations Squad) were out in full force directing and playing with the zombie horde, and I recognized  a lot of the faces in the crowd.


Because it was a MONSTER walk, my girls wanted to do something different and go as vampires – specifically Draulauras from Monster High. Everyone was incredibly nice to them, telling them how wonderful they looked.


We got there late – partially because we had to reroute. The building across the street had crumbled in the night and the police force had the area cordoned off.  Unfortunately we didn’t get there in time to take advantage of the vendors, though they had some interesting ones there.

10309656_849135131769681_8742129279652136977_n 10275971_849135278436333_6872506266967445245_n 10268699_849135165103011_8843358697599213409_n 10168111_849135208436340_4599368716137291003_n

All in all it was a nice event, and it’s the willingness to do things like this charity monster walk that makes the 5O’Clock one of the distinct and beloved features in Lakewood rather than just another bar. I expect to be back next year too.

10313463_289295144567958_7480004821998858054_n 10313950_849375888412272_8339589595807693131_n 10308914_1397432043871517_4526457303652731821_n 10294399_772440409456924_2519572683910106050_n 10294333_289293911234748_1825555865396524803_n 10275971_849135278436333_6872506266967445245_n 10277422_849376031745591_7822985129217649359_n 10288700_1397431910538197_1664470155420031456_n 10250163_289295001234639_3032373805404270853_n 10252049_849375968412264_5092724353061518901_n 10255963_289295061234633_1272034757123026736_n 10273839_849375788412282_8575787998409048214_n 10270663_289293587901447_135760517715105456_n 1622198_289294047901401_5292539065145561275_n 10154051_289293714568101_8006238661941515285_n 1623570_289295017901304_8839645619195164473_n 1655998_289074644590008_2265423077947389766_n 10169376_849375541745640_5209275573489965866_n 1510643_849375678412293_1778199473363574869_n 1512359_289293841234755_1734775107124838894_n 1533714_289294101234729_5902725942338796858_n 1600985_772906156077016_388142508103495517_n 1554628_289294657901340_1734682970209419290_n 1533717_289293644568108_5801211706027475316_n New_10288700_508832462562036_845979358688078255_n New_10264865_508832665895349_8961140530993096459_n New_10264954_508832492562033_412045643316224870_n 10314661_289294884567984_6731584399779389476_n New_10169172_1483386631879534_655090239868178001_n New_10153846_508832639228685_242098207694221090_n New_1609741_508832592562023_3085485336759882804_n New_104_5603 New_104_5592 New_104_5590 New_104_5579 New_104_5588 New_104_5589 New_104_5578 New_104_5577 New_104_5576 New_104_5574 New_104_5573 New_104_5568 New_104_5571 New_104_5575 New_104_5567 New_104_5566 New_104_5564 New_104_5553 New_104_5554 New_104_5559 New_104_5557 New_104_5556 New_104_5560 New_104_5561 New_104_5563

HorrorHound Cinicy 2014


The thing is, this trip had a dark cloud hanging over it from the word go. Ted Raimi cancelled at the last minuet and I personally think the Walking Dead people are charging WAY  too much…especially for autographs without photo ops. HorrorHound is one of the biggest cons I’ve ever done and we’ve covered before how I don’t like big cons, but it was still an opportunity to complete my Evil Dead poster, and also a nice opportunity to do a ED2 poster….so off I go.

Except…I can’t find my keys.

First thing in the morning, I’m pulling stuff together, but my keys are missing. It takes forty five minuets of searching before my wife wakes up and sheepishly remembers she grabbed my keys last night by mistake and forgot to take them out of her coat pocket.

I’m now an hour late and instead of arriving early and getting a spot near the front of the line, I find myself waiting for over an hour to get in. Tickets for autographs with Bruce Campbell are sold out.


New_IMG_0418Seriously, my mood is gone and that’s a shame, because there was still a lot here that can be fun, but it’s a lousy way to start convention season.

It was my first time at Horrorhound Cincinatti. Even though the Horrorhound Indy con was mediocre, I really wanted to hit this one because of the Horror Host Hall of Fame induction.  This was goign to be my one big trip this year.

Another great bit here was the heavy Ghostbuster influence. The Ohio Ghostbusters were there in full force and I got to do the unthinkable…I got to sit in the Ecto-1!!! One of the great costumes floating around as well was a guy dressed as Slimer. New_IMG_0405It’s a costume I now want to make myself….there was also a Stay Puft Marshmellow man and a bunch of Ghostbusters – men and women.  A great display was set up as well, showing off props and memorabilia. So much fun for a Ghostbuster fan like myself.

I was a littel shocked that the line to meet Clint Howard wasn’t longer. This guy is a legend, and easily one of the most recognizable character actors on the con circuit and it was a lot of fun to meet him. He had the head prop from Ice Cream Man there as well, and the detail on that thing was shocking. I was a little put off by his handler who good naturedly insisted on referring to me as a  New_IMG_0417“Geek” because I wanted a Star Trek photo signed, but otherwise really cool to meet Clint.

Another high point was finally getting to meet Charlse Band. I’ve been a Full Moon fan since college (and really before that – if  I were to really examine my UHF viewing as a child). I’ve meet Lloyd Kauffman before, and I appreciate how important Troma is to the genre, but Full Moon is really the other side of that coin, and the full moon astetic appeals to me far more than Troma’s gross out humor ever did. I got him to sign a Terrorvision poster (also signed by Richard Band – the composer for the film.) and was delighted to get a photo with him. That IMG_0422Terrorvision poster is goign to Cinema Wasteland with me in a couple of weeks  for Garret Grahame and Maybe I’ll find something else for Band to sign there!

There were a bunch of composers at this show – a really great idea, thoguh I’m not sure how well it worked out…their tables seemed to be perpetually empty. Still, I was able to get my Evil Dead poster signed as well as my Terrorvision – I wish I had remembered to bring my Conjuring and Wishmaster posters with me, and I could have gotten thier composers as well. One of the coolest however was Christopher Young. My Hellraiser poster has been a little bit of an issue. I originally bought it for a Gettysburg con  where New_IMG_0403Dough Bradley, Ashly Lawrence and Clive Barker were supposed to appear. Ashley and Clive both cancelled and it only got signed by Dough. His dedication was “See you in Hell!” Which always bothered my wife. I suppose I can see why.  At HorrorHound I got to meet Christopher Yong who created the music for Hellraiser.  His inscription was “See you in Heaven” instead and was one of the coolest encounters at the con.

Another appallingly short line was for the Crypt Keeper! He was inducted into the Horror Host Hall of Fame earlier and truely deserves it. I wasn’t aware that he had also done the voice for Buster Bunny on Tiny Toons – very cool. Another for my voice actor collection. he wasn’t just signing, he was doing answering machineNew_IMG_0439 messages…how cool is that?

All in all, not a BAD con, but poorly orginized and it’s gotten far too big. It’s also gotten a little greed with it’s VIP passes, higher than average prices on admission and autographs and the way they handle their “Professional Photo Ops”. More and more the big cons are leaving a bad taste in my mouth and I wonder if I’m done with the big ones…

We’ll see. Wasteland in Two weeks!

New_IMG_0402New_IMG_0406 New_IMG_0442 New_IMG_0443 New_IMG_0444 New_IMG_0441 New_IMG_0390 1958528_3984514468992_64857450_n hhgb New_IMG_0399

New_IMG_0395 New_IMG_0396 New_IMG_0401 New_IMG_0408 New_IMG_0411 New_IMG_0409 New_IMG_0415 New_IMG_0416 New_IMG_0412 New_IMG_0419 New_IMG_0421 New_IMG_0425 New_IMG_0436 New_IMG_0423 New_IMG_0438 New_IMG_0446 New_IMG_0445 New_IMG_0393 1920213_10202773041504576_1503250723_n 1939724_10202589073780364_2087617144_n 10006496_10202589074100372_1570140699_n 1958528_3984514468992_64857450_n 10015168_10203122019148068_901240664_n 10147209_292500937572906_661411785_o hh strangers hh zombie hh zombie 210003628_767402719938592_782153867_o 14554_789932397702518_130873365_n 1897695_609613219123612_825733748_n 1907972_10202402447437120_1597687767_n

Christmas Night of the Living Dead


This year, as we head into the Christmas Season, we’re going to do a Christmas video every Thursday from when my girls were younger. Hopefully this will become a Christmas tradition!

And don’t forget, there new Violent Blue up tomorrow!

Lakewood Zombie Walk

clownI wanted to try something different this time. Last year at hauntville, I was doing makeup every night and that afforded me t he opprutunity to experiment a little. Instead of making the ridges on my forehead out of mortician’s wax, I’d try cotton and cover it with latex. Then I’d try making it so it could be removed and redone….it worked well with the false nose and ears I bought from the store and the cuts I was making out of cotton and greasepaint….

I made my First pass at zombie makeup from scratch. The idea was to create a full face appliance, with a skeletal look mixed with an infected look – open sores and infection (with an eye towards how I might accomplish this on a Freddy Kruger makeup). After two and a half hours I was a little disappointed. I very much wanted the eye sockets to be deeper. The ridges on the forehead could be more pronounced1233613_637793449598415_2016403214_n and the paint job turned out poorly, giving… too leathery a look to the skin. At least it all came off in one piece as planned. I gave this another pass though, another layer of latex and try to build up those eyes.  This really isn’t what I’m good at. I want to create more of a character, more shapes instead of just torn skin.
I’m GOOD at torn skin. But that’s just too easy.
This is a first attempt creating something out of nothing, and a first attempt at creating more than just cuts and scrapes. I usually buy prosthetics and have plenty of experience applying them, but creating them is another thing. Even the pinhead makeup last year was really just a bald cap and cuts with some foam nails added in. No sculpting, no form. I’m trying to push a little further with this.
So I pushed a bit, I deepened those sockets and extended the mask downward 1379235_638828842828209_463758505_n(i’d later have to extend it further still to reach my hairline).
The result isn’t terrible. My eyes look slightly Asian to me with the angle and different size. I’m covering up a lot more seams with fake blood than I would prefer to, and the skin is a little wrinkely. Like an appliance from an old Hammer film. It doesn’t look quite smooth enough. I realize I’m not working with silicone, but still, my forheads in the past have looked a little smoother.
Nevertheless, this isn’t a “woe is me” kind of post. For a first try, I’ve got nothing to complain about. It still has a great look to it and fits perfectly. The next time I applied it, I pulled it down a little to open the eyes up some more and once I extended that zygomatic bone back a bit to my sideburn it gave  the perfect impression of a skull, just barely covered with flesh.
Old school sinema 219My burst open chest is an old costume, but I finally got around to covering the old company logo (a company I no longer work for – and don’t really want to give free advertisement to) with an Umbrella ID and added these great “Zombie sleeves” that I found at Party Center to the costume (kind of like the false tattoo sleeves you see everywhere – they were featured on one episode of the Big Bang Theory even) I’m really happy with the costume. I wore it out to the Daughter of Ghoul show Friday night to test it out and it worked fine (it stayed dinneron better in the cool evening than the hot sun the next day actually. The edges around my mouth got a little lose during the walk).
And of course when I sat down to dinner with my family that night, still in makeup, my daughters didn’t pat an eye.

Check out some of the other zombies who came out to the food drive this weekend!

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