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I’ve been a fan of this movie for a long time. Interestingly enough it’s one of those movies that is pretty universally hated by most tech people.

Perhaps I’m a little immune to it because I saw the movie before I got into technology. I get that what we see on the screen isn’t really representative of what a computer can do back then, in fact it’s not always representative of what a computer can do today. It’s a hyper reality. An Idealized world where technology looks just….so much cooler than it does today.

We see constant references to the Internet, which at the time was just in it’s infancy (at least the internet as we know it) and one could even argue there is early cloud concepts going on here. It’s a time before smartphones and lcd screens. All of that is stuff I work on today. Perhaps that’s one of the things that I find attractive about the movie. The technology is simpler, mroe divorced from the technology I actually repair today. You could possibly make this same arguement about Star Trek, DOctor Who or any other number of Sci-Fi series – and make no mistake; this IS Sci-Fi. Subdued, but Sci-Fi nevertheless.

Yep, simplier high technology, yet it is shown doing amazing things.

The storyline centers around a group of hackers fighting against an evil corpration trying to cause an ecological disaster and all the while trying to keep themselves out of the hands of the FBI agent determined to bring down the computer criminals.

It’s notable for being one of Angelina Jolie’s first roles. More notable that it’s one of the few roles she’s had that dosen’t make me want to gag. Matthew Lillard is here too in an early appearance, and he’s unchained to be…well…Matthew Lilliard.

It’s fast paced, kinetic fun. Check your brain at the door and let your imagination fly. Try not to get hung up on the fact that the internet dosent look like that and dosen’t do that stuff. Who knows? Maybe one day it will.

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