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Last Blind Date

Non blind date comics will resuem on Monday. In the meantime, enjoy some Acid T. Squrriel

And here’s the recap:

New Violent Blue is up today. Go take a look at that while I think up something to do for Whose Line is it Anywho?

Go see Captian America right now.

This is the best superhero movie I’ve see since Spider-Man 2, and will be remembered as one of the great superhero films like Burton’s Batman and Donner’s Superman.

Best three dollars I’ve spent all year.

New Violent Blue

New Violent Blue is up. I’ll admint, I concevied this entire storyline JUST so I could use that last punchline about allergies.

See it here :

Oh look! There’s ANOTHER Whose line up. Unfortunately, I got so obscure here, that I only know abotu two people who will probably get the joke without resorting to looking at the notes in the comments.

Find it here :

The website updates never end.

Working on some website face lifting over at Violent Blue. Added a FB activity monitor and reshaped the flag counter. I swear, if I could just get a nice side column of links and stuff (move the facebook feed, get a blog feed, stuff like that….I’m not the code ninja that the squrrel is) next to the comic frame I’d be done…and could get back to important stuff, like making comics.

In other news, the flag counter has registered our 20th country. I find that to be really exciting.

Finally, we all know Captian America is opening this week, and it is playing at one of my preferred theatres (the Lorain Palace) so I’m definately going, probably next week. We’re in the middle of a story arc though, so I don’t know that there will be a comic based on it. If there is, it’ll be late.

There’s another Whose Line strip up, along with the next installment of  Violent Blue. Find them here:


New Violent Blue is up.

We’re still continuing the blind date arch, over here at Violent Blue

However,  it’s also come to my attention that Whose Line snuck up one of my strips when I wasn’t looking. If you’re into Doctor Who, this is hilarious. If not, it’s probably just confusing.

Also fair to note, this strip was entirely done with my new graphics tablet. Still working out the bugs.

Happy reading, and eventually I’ll get around to talking abotu going to see Transformers and hamlet last week (Not at the tsame time, but still.)

Is DC Backpedaling on Superman?

I’ve already gone into great detail about my dissapointment (perhaps hurt feelings would be a better term)  over Action 900 and the citizenship issue. I needen’t re-hash all of that here.

That said, I’ve observed some intresting developments over at DC in the last month or two. Paticularly as I was reading Superman #713 – a borrowed copy. I’m not buying DC or Superman right now, but I wanted to be on the lookout for something almost exactly like this:


I’ve pretty much thought the Superman-walks-the-earth story was dumb. In this one he’s pulling a “Spider-Man no more” (all that’s missing is the costume in the alley trashcan) kind of thing. It’s almost predictable. However, in this issue, I’ve heard more about “Truth Justice and the Americian Way” and moreover the virtues of “The Americian Way” than I’ve seen in YEARS.


 This is what I’m talking about…and it’s what the “Superman Returns” movie didn’t get; lifiting up “The Americian Way” isn’t an ego trip, it’s not imperialistic, rather it’s idealistic and inheriantly inclusive.

It’s also why it should be considered a GOOD thing to be a citizen of the US.

 The apologists keep pointing out “DC must have been surprised at  the reaction to what was just a BACKUP story in action 900″. Really? You didn’t see that this was (at best) in poor taste and (at worst) diminishing to the character? What about the mixed message DC sent with a picture of Superman holding an Americian Flag towards the back of that same issue where he renounced his citizenship? It’s all just so….foolish.

Then there was the announcement of a shelved story with Superman teaming up with a young Muslim superhero. (I remember him from when he appeared as Sinbad years ago. I went out of my way to get that storyline because Curt Swan was returning as a guest artist. It was great to see him penciling again). Axing this story is an overreaction, but an understandable one. The pity is that this is the epitomy of what Superman is about and yet his actions in #900 (Which were contrary to his character) created an environment where this story could be looked on as controversial . Honestly, I’m not happy to see this story shelved, and even less happy with the krypto story that replaced it, but I get that DC seems to be in damage control mode and trying to make the events in Action 900 right.

I’m not ready to break my Superman stuff back out of storage yet, but this is a good step in the right direction towards making me feel better about the character again…and it was quick.  I suspect the response to Action 900 was far more negative that we are being led to believe, and I really want to see the letters page in next month’s Action Comics…if there is one. They may have side stepped the issue with the upcoming reboot (which may well wash away the missteps of the recent past anyhow).

Still, the thing is I WANT to like DC. I want to forgive them. They are the home of my favorite Superhero universes. Many of my most beloved heroes dewll there (or at least used to – such as The Shadow or Captian Kirk). Perhaps I’m being more charitable than I would if it were a Marvel thing, but Superman is very close to my heart, and I don’t want to be down on him.


And that’s the thing. Honestly, I don’t want to fly, or be superstrong – I just want to be Superman. I want to do  the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do. You can’t say  that about any other Superhero. More than any others, he’s a figure to look up to.

I hope I CAN look up to him again.

new Violent Blue today. Hmmm, we’re three strips in to this Blind Date Arc and still haven’t actually gone on the date…..this could be a long one….

View it here:

Best Two Out of Three

Whose Line is it Anyhoo? is bravely publishing my guest strips again. This week’s caption is “Best two out of three” . I’m trying not go with a traditional useage of these phrases…as a result, it’s been taking me to some really strange places.

View today’s strip here :

New Violent Blue!

New story arc begins today in Violent Blue. If you haven’t been following us, this is a great time to jump on board.

View todays strip here :

Avenging Cleveland

Hit the “Avenging Cleveland” Art show this weekend at the Pop Shop. This was an exhibit of Avengers (comic) related fine art. Had a really nice time with friends, even though the show was a little disappointing. Some interesting stuff there, but not enough original ideas.

Speaking of comics, there will be new Violent Blue on Monday

Acid doesn’t play top five games.

That can only mean, a new Violent Blue is up. See it here:

Which Punisher?

It was pointed out to me that I didn’t specify which punisher movie in todays Violent Blue strip. Taylor is probably referencing the Jane /Travolta film, although I did just get my hands on a work print of hte Lundgren one and I’ll tell you, it’s a big diffrendce. They flesh out Frank’s character a lot (much like the Jane film did), not to mention his partner’s character. It gives a LOT more context to what’s going on. I’m not sure if it makes the 89 movie a better film, but it definitely helps me understand it better.

You can view todays comic at :

Happy Independance Day

A happy Independence Day to all of my American friends, and to all my British friends; sorry for the inconvenience.
There’s new Violent Blue up today

and there’s a guest strip over at Freakin Awful Puns!

New Violent Blue with Dew

New Violent Blue is up. This turned out to be a bit of an unintentional follow up from my guest strip over at Whose Line ( ). Funny, because I had this one queued up at least a week before I drew the other one.