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DC vs MARVEL video game


So, I’ve had a lot of questions about the DC vs MARVEL video game. I run it on my MAME Cabinet, but it runs on any PC.

I’ve added a bunch of characters to my copy, but the base version is available for free over at  Poke around the site for additional characters, info about the game and how to run and tweek it.

In other news, it’s leap day, and i plan on takimg advantage of McDonalds buy one Big Mac and get one for .29, not to mention the .29 wings over at Sambino’s in Elyria!

You know, after all that, I think I could really use some Violent Blue…good thing there’s a new strip up today.


Clix party!

A lot of fun Saturday night, and I’d like to thank everyone who showed up for the Clix party. It was pretty much people I know outside of Heroclix tournaments (so don’t be mad if you didn’t get an invite…it just means I’ve never seen you outside the store!), and it was nice to see Sam again ( who I haven’t run into since Get’Em comics shut down)…even if I kept throwing things at him. I also rarely get to do stuff with Rachel, so I’m glad she and John both dusted off their old HC pieces and came out tonight.

“Okay, got my Infinity Gauntlet…these guys have invincibility…”

“Do you have to declare it if you have invincibility?”

“I think I’m going to declare it to! I’m invincible!”

“We’re all invincible!”

We smushed together a couple of maps to make a massive Cityscape

“Have you got a corkscrew? Or a swiss Army Knife with one in it??”

“No, but you can take your chances with one of the daggers in the living room…”

Amy and the girls are home from shopping! “That’s NOT how you play figures!” (Maddie insists on her own rules)“Why did I take damage?”

“Mystic. If you hit a mystic, you take one damage back.”

“Isn’t Doom a mystic to?”

“Not mystic enough.”

I want one with a lot of points….
“What was that???”

“That was called KICKING YOUR…..”

“No that was called button mashing.”

Why is Big Barda holding a flashlight?

We had bad movies going on all night (That could be a post in of itself….) and when you were waiting for a turn, it wasn’t unusual to find someone over at the arcade machine playing DC vs. Marvel – the best video game never made.

King Kong

Would you believe that I’ve never seen King Kong? Seriously! None of the versions. I’ll admit that I’ve deliberately avoided the Jackson film, and I probably caught bits and pieces of the 70’s version on TV, but I’ve never seen the original. Well that’s all going to change Sunday! It’s playing at the Capitol for $5.00.

Can’t wait…but I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied in the meantime with new Violent Blue strips on the way and with  the Heroclix party tonight!



So I caught the movie. I was surprised at how much I liked it. It’s one of those stories that has been told so many times, it’s become to familiar. It’s easy to forget just how good a movie this is.  It’s a good mix of suspense, drama and the unknown. The effects, while a little primitive are still impressive, particularly the amount of technique that is on display.

I’ve always heard that this is, a it’s heart, a romance between the girl and the ape. I just don’t see it. In fact, I don’t have any sympathy for Kong in this. Faye Wray is to him at best, a pet. Actually it comes off more as she’s his toy. Moreover, with all the people Kong kills, I have no sympathy for the beast getting gunned down. Kong’s not a dumb beast. He may no fully comprehend sentiance in other beings, but he certianlly knows what he’s doing when he kills. There’s strategy and intent behind his attacks. Kong is absolutely a monster.

All in all, I as really impressed with the film. Watching this, I almost wonder why people have tried to remake it. The characters are perfect and the performances just….work. You can try to remake it to remove some of the less politically correct elements, but honestly, you also lose the flavor of the period. Despite the old fashioned effects, I can’t see anyone improving on it. I lookforward to revisiting it in the future.

A big thanks to Paul Dini for the autogtaph I got yesterday! That makes my He-Man collection almost complete…(you didn’t really think he started his career with Batman : The Animated Series did you?)


Someone should tell him about Violent Blue! There’s a new one up today….

In the discount bin…

Okay, not once, but TWICE now I’ve found autographed comics at Half Price books..and both times they’ve been…well, half price. Now I know comic book autographs aren’t going to make the down payment on a house…but seriously, Brian Michael Bendis is like, the biggest person in comics today! Joe Quesada? Head of Marvel comics and the man responsible for grinding their quality into the ground with event after event, not to mention”Brand New Day”?I mean, I could understand it it was autographed copies of Violent Blue…but these guys are both SOMEBODY in the business.

Someone at Half Price books isn’t paying close enough attention.

Dracula and Phantom

So what do Dracula (1931) and The Phantom of the Opera (1925) have in common?

Carla Laemmle

They were small roles…she was a dancer in Phantom and she was in the stage coach in Dracula, but she was there. Right there at the beginning, at the golden age of cinema.

She also just sent me her autograph. She’s 102.

I’m going to be grinning for weeks.


The Taco Bell in Solon finally raised thier prices to match the rest of the Taco Bells in Cleveland.

*sigh* I guess we had a good run.

I’m going to go read some Violent Blue to try and cheer up.



SO Flash is showing this Saturday at the Capitol Theatre and I’m still a little undecided as to wether or not I want to go.

Can someone explain  this to me? I realize this film has a huge cult following, but I don’t get it. I like the old serials, I dig the comic strips. I get that they have a sort of ridiculous “Retro-Future” look to them….of course it wasn’t silly looking at the time. I think we forget that.

My friend Johnny Em says the charm is in  the outragousness of the film. It’s the same thing that draws him to Jack Kirby’s Fourth World But for me, it just feels like the material is being made fun of. Much like last years Green Hornet film did. Taken seriously, with respect for its roots (something the Sci-Fi channel version of Flash copmpletely abandoned – I just saw the pilot on DVD at a Dollar store) this material can stand on it’s own, it dosen’t needto be tarted up in camp. That kind of thinking killed the Batman movies for a time, it’s no wonder we haven’t gotten a good version of Flash again….well other than Star Wars.

I’ll probably head out if my friends want to go see it. Maybe it’ll be better on the big screen in a pretty theatre, kind of like how My Bloody Valentine was improved by 3D glasses.

I won’t hold my breath.


Lydia was feeling sick tonight and ended up staying home with Daddy insted of going to her uncle’s birthday party. While we were sitting at home she asked for a scary movie, so I pulled out the animated version of Phantom of the Opera. This Phantom is kind of mild, but they hit most of the story points pretty faithfully, and Lydia got it. She cringed during the tense parts and at the end she pointed at the Phantom and said “He’s being a nice guy!” when he let Raoul and Christine go.

Now if only there was an animated version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre….maybe the comic books….

Or maybe we’ll just stick with Violent Blue. The Squirrel is showing up Friday.

The Book of Monsters! (By Madeline) Part Two

Continuing our look at Maddies Book of Monsters!

This is the best  part of the book, we get into a little storyline now….

Of course if your looking for a story, after you finish the Book of monsters, check out what’s going on over at Violent Blue!

The Book of Monsters! (By Madeline)

So Maddie (age 5)  made this for me last month, and I really wanted to share it with everyone else.

We present, the Book of Monsters.

Why she’s almost ready to take over Violent Blue for me!

More pages on Thursday.

Maddie and Lydia’s tree

Lydia guests in this edition of Maddie’s Monthly Art Show. This piece was actually done for thier grandmother’s birthday.The idea was for me to create a tree, and for them to do the leaves.

Now Maddie and Lydia covered thier palms in paint and made handprint after handprint, layereve over and over to create the leaves.

The finished result actually looks quite nice. You haveto look closely however, if you want to make out those leaves as hand prints.

Maddie wll be back next month! We now return you to your regularly scheduled Violent Blue.


What do you mean Reb Brown no longer resides at 5454 Las Virgines Rd. Calabasas, CA 91302 ??? How am I supposed to get Captian Americia’s autograph now?????

Forget it. I’m going to go read some more Violent Blue.

Yeah, the girls are mine.

Top five ways can you tell that Madeline and Lydia are my daughters (besides the gothic names of course).

1. They’ve demanded Scooby-Doo meets Batman and Robin three times this week for thier bedtime movie. Lyds spent a good deal of time describing the plot to her grandmother last night. Maddie aldo pointed out to me that the Joker looks diffrent than in the other things she’s seen him in. I explained to her that everyone looked diffrent in the 70’s.

2. Lydia insisted on taking She-Ra to preschool for show and tell this week. Maddie inteds to dress as She-Ra for Halloween (she’s been asking me to make her that costume for three months now. Maybe for Free Comic Book Day)

3.Lydia decided that for the next family movie night she wants a scary movie. I think I’m going to pull the animated Phantom of the Opera for her.

4. We have several decks of Uno cards – X-Men, Superman, Hulk, Green Lantern. Maddie Loves playing Uno, but according to her, the Superman deck is the “Real” Uno deck.

5. The girls ask me to draw pictures for them to color, or they ask thier grandmothers to help them make books (the girls tell them what they want to the captions to be and then they draw pictures to go with them). The last pictures they asked me to draw were a zombie and Pinhead from Hellraiser (Maddie pointed him out from the poster in my Library). They colored both using a lot of green. A week or two later Maddie came home from a visit with her fraternal grandmother and handed me a book she made for me titled “the buk uv mondrz” (The book of Monsters). I think I’ll be positng that up here next week if I can get around to uploading the pages.

While you’re waiting for me to post that book up here, why don’t you head over to Violent Blue and check out the lastest comic? Chloe’s in the middle of her first Church visit….

and if we could keep child services from seeing this post, that would be great…..