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Wet Zombies.


So Saturday was rainy and cold and wet.

Though it broke our hearts, we skipped the Zombie Walk. The girls really wanted to go, but the weather would have made them miserable and I know they wouldn’t have lasted very long.  It was a hard decision, but in the end, I’d rather have them dissapointed about not going to an event they were looking forward to than have them go, be unhappy and turn what should have been a fun experience into a negative one.

Nevertheless, they decided they still wanted to dress up…even if it was just to hang around the house. I didn’t manage to get the She-Ra costume done, but Maddie still had her old skeleton princess costume and wanted to wear that. So this is a taste of what we would have looked like if we had gone.

I’m sorry if anyone was watching for us, you’ll see us around the area for Free Comic book Day next weekend and we’ll be lined up for the Zombie Walk in the fall.

One last note, Commenter Wendy mentioned that she wished this event was better publicized. I whole heartedly agree. Sometimes I see it publicized a week or two ahead of time at Cinema Wasteland, but most of the time I have to ask around to find out when the date is. Google searches are useless….they turn up nothing but years old results. I think we’d all be well served by better publicity in this. Hopefully Facebook and blogs will help this out in the future.



Lakewood Zombie Walk

So the reason I’m perforating my fingers to finish that She-Ra costume six-year-old Maddie has been begging for is because the Lakewood Zombie walk is coming up this weekend and Maddie wants to wear it for the walk. She and her four-year-old sister Lydia have gone with me for the last two years and it’s a fun little bit of time they can spend in my world. It’s also a good chance for them to learn about giving to charity (the zombie walk is a food drive and designed to promote awareness of hunger in our community). If you’re interested in joining us, here’s some more information  straight from the Old School Sinema Facebook page :

OSS presents its 9th Cleveland Charity ZOMBIE WALK & Festival. Doors open at 11 a.m. Walk starts at 3 p.m. Admission is $5 plus two canned or non-perishable food items. Makeup is available for a minimal fee (anywhere from $3 to $10, depending on the details, materials you request). If you need makeup, PLEASE arrive before noon due to long lines. We suggest you do your own makeup or buy supplies and bring them there ahead of time if you can’t arrive early. There will be vendors, games, giveaways, prizes and a music video shoot with Lords of the Highway! Drink specials, too!

The girls and I do our own makeup and really just come for the walk and to hang out with the other zombies for a little while. One of those rare places I don’t go to promote Violent Blue, because this event is working for a good cause. We hope to see you there!

Deadpool’s new power

You know, I don’t usually do these kinds of gags (that’s why this isn’t appearing over at Violent Blue) but it was a funny bit that happened one night as we were playing over at Warzone. I forget what all figures Jesse was playing, but he had his everpresent Deadpool, along with another piece that gave a free smoke cloud barrier each turn. His turn came and he started up the clouds around Deadpool. Someone (possibly Mark) made acomment about how he didn’t realize Deadpool had that power, and before he could point out that it was coming from another figure..well…..

I’ll admit to laughing.

Drive In Double Feature?

Trying really hard to decide if I want to go to the movies tonight. The Aut-O-Rama drive in theatre near me is showing “Cabin in the Woods” and “Woman in Black” as a double feature. REALLY tempting.

And if I bring a sketch pad I could work on Violent Blue in between movies.



Is it okay for me to be a little freaked out by Dick Clark’s passing? I mean, I only just got this about nine months ago.

If that needle pokes me one more time….


Future Shock

Today over at Violent Blue, we’re talking about our expectations of the future and hwo they go awry.

I think I got my first bit of Future Shock when I was visiting the library at Lorain County Community College. I was looking for a specific book at my local library and they had referred me there.  As I went through the aisles, I noticed buttons on some of the bookshelves. When you pushed the button, the shelves parted and a light went on, forming a new aisles. That way, bookshelves could be compacted and more shelves could be squeezed into the space.

It seemed like the most ludicrous use of technology I’d ever seen…then I though about the matchbox sized iPod clipped to my jacket. The Nintendo DS (hacked to do other things like play music, read books and hold several games at once) in my car.  I kind of realized I’m living in the future. We didn’t get jet pack and silvery jumpsuits. Still, what we have gotten is pretty amazing when you stop to think about it. My car is equipped with a GPS. A holder on the dash mounts my smart phone which has a touch screen and speaker if someone calls. An FM transmitter plugs into my iPod and sends a signal to my radio so I can listen to podcasts of Danny Bonaduche’s radio show from Seattle while the cruise control allows the car to drive itself.

Sounds like the future to me.

Deep Fried Peeps

Generally I try to make only one food run a day while I’m at Cinema Wasteland. It’s either to get a $5.00 pizza from Georgios that I can slip out to the car and grab a bite all day, or it’s over to Chipoltle for a burrito so big that I don’t have to eat again for 24 hours.

I was pulling out of Georgios and hading up Pearl road when I spotted a sign for a little bakery advertising “Deep Fried Peeps”. I’ve tried deep fried twinkis and pickles and made deep fried oreos. honestly, I’m not a big fan of this stuff outside the novelty value but…..well I had to know.

It’s not bad. The marshmallows don’t entirely melt inside the batter and there’s a little cup of choclate for dipping. Still you have to contend with the taste of deep fryer oil and stuff so unless your a real fan of the deep frying craze it’s probably not going to be your first choice.  And as far as the whole deep frying thing, I think Penny Arcade put it best with this strip.

(Okay, now that you’ve gone and read thier webcomic, why don’t you go and read mine over at Violent Blue)


This is a really early drawing of Maddie’s. The two circles in the middle are meant to be eyes. Her Nana wrote the title “Monster” on it at her request. I know this really just seems like a scribble at first but look close…especially where the eyes are. I see curved horns….it’s almost like the Baphomet  head on Skeletor’s havoc staff….

Maybe I’m just seeing things, but that IS what I see. Perhaps I should read some Violent Blue to get my mind off it….

One of those moments yesterday. I finished off a weeks worth of comics and then found myself staring at a blank grid, unable to think of a thing.

 For a little while there, I though I was done. Empty.

Then I pushed through and did another weeks worth.

Only one hundred left to go. (working on story arcs today)