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My personal definitive way of drawing iconic characters

Man, I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but in the 90’s I was absolutely a Gambit fanboy.

I’m not sure who my influences are here .Andy Kubert and Fabien Neichez were doign a lot of the art on the X-books at the time. I missed Jim Lee’s run entirely.

I always wanted Gambit to have realistic proportions, much liek the heroic proportions of Green Lanter, but perhaps even more lean. I never liked it when he was drawn like a bodybuilder, somehow that just didn’t suit him. I’d prefer to see him with the body of a basketball player than a football guy.

The lines on his collar arn’t random. It’s just one of those things, I hate looks that are random, I NEED continuity, so I always drew his colar as a star with a couple extra lines throug hthe sides to keep it from being a pentagram. I also tried not to go overboard with the hair, it’s easy to do, but begins to look bad when viewed objectively.

I should really do a Rogue one of these days to…

gambit pencils gambit color



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