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It’s a new year and it occurs to me that we’ve been around for a while, but some of you might not know exactly what we do here, so here’s an overview of our categories and focus on this blog!

franchisebannerFranchise Focus is when we take a series, usually one with less noticed sequels and watch the entire thing. All the sequels, sidequels, even the close knock offs and clones. Sometimes it’s something fairly mainstream like Death Wish or The Fly. Other times its something completely off the rails like Bunnyman or Roller Blade where you don’t even know how the follow ups ever got made.

directorstDirector Spotlight is my attempt to get some extra exposure to directors I enjoy but feel are underappreciated. We go through their filmography so you can get a taste for their style and output.

box8filmsYou know those DVDs you see at Wal-mart or  the drug store? “10 movies for five dollars!” “Horror movie pack!” The stuff that might have one film you’ve heard of, followed by a bunch that look like Netflix bait or worse? Did you ever wonder who actually buys these things? That would be me. I like the wierd curation, it reminds me of the kind of movies I see on the convention or festival circuit. Usually there’s one or two good films in these things and that’s what I watch them for. We go through two or three of these box sets a year.

Movie bannerSometimes its a review of something new that’s about to hit the theaters, other times it’s just something strange that popped up on my radar. If you want to know my thoughts n the latest blockbuster, or what secret movie was screened at the Cedar Lee this year, this is the place.

Banner small dark copyViolent Blue is our original webcomic, now in reprints. It ran for over 900 strips over six years, and covers pop culture, faith and relationships in fun acerbic ways.

CostumeI build costumes for comic conventions and also do Photoshop edits. This is where we share those

ConmanI attend anywhere from 10-20 conventions a year. Comics, horror, anime, you name it. This is where I review them. We use the term “Review” loosely, I’m more about telling you what I did, what happened, what things cost and what kind of time I had. It’s not objective by any means, but hopefully gives people a taste of what to expect if they wanted to hit these cons for themselves. Also where I announce shows coming up that I may or may not be heading out to.

Occasionally you’ll see other categories – Autographs I’ve collected, commissions I’ve done, things like that. For the next couple years though, we’ll be focusing mostly on these categories!


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