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Archive for March 12, 2023

Ava’s Possessions

Five minutes into Ava‘s possessions, and I can already see I’m going to like this. Much like the zombie comedies that became fashionable for a while this one is a Comedy that mixing humor with the traditional exorcisms kind of films. That’s strange, it seems like it be a tough sell… But the filmmakers dives right in and manage to whip up something that’s immediately entertaining, knows what it is and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. It’s not pretentious, and more importantly it’s not parody – which would’ve been the absolute easiest way to go here. They’ve also got an interesting advantage here… What happens after an exorcism? The exorcism itself in most of these films is the focal point. Starting this thing up in a dumpy apartment that’s been trashed, with a judgemental family, all banged and bandaged up… Asking if Ava‘s had anything to do with her possession… It’s a brilliant satire. To make things worse, the DA wants to prosecute her for things she did while possessed, and she basically has a life that wasn’t that great already, completely falling apart now.

Turns out, there’s a version of rehab, like AAA but for people who’ve been possessed. If she goes there, the state will drop the charges.

Of course the demon immediately six to get her back, and we get creepy little girl images as well as dramatic lighting to let us know that the evil is closing back in.
She invites her friends over… They come, hesitantly… And we get to hear a few more details. They describe her as a mega bitch while she was possessed… As well as a slut. She got uninvited from a friends birthday party after sleeping with that friends boyfriend – you know? And while they get drunk, ghostly voices whisper.

Time for her first meeting.

Part of therapy is group sessions, part of it is making amends, and part of it and trying to sort through the pieces… To perhaps figure out what happened. Group therapy is fascinating and fun nonsense… It’s everything that Danny Bonaduce describes rehab as. And yet Ava‘s attempt to explore the truth here… Not to mention the things that her family and friends are hiding from her, all really draws you in. Review out its twists and turns as the movie perfectly balances satirical humor with a mystery and creepy horror elements. The demon himself is beautifully realize and smartly underused. He’s there when you need him, but they don’t linger on it anymore than they have to. The same is true of the possessed people. There’s not a ton of blood or gore or make up affects here, never more than is needed, but just enough to satisfy the job. It was possessions is a fairly unique piece of work and I can’t breeze a highly enough. This one’s a definite by whether you see it at the dollar store or anywhere else!