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The Iron Man project part nine

Iron ManThe task of creating shoulderpads isn’t an easy one. I have to create something round out of flat surfaces.
100_3959It’s all going to be in the layering. I start by cutting a notch in the pieces so they can fit together better and bend after they are glued.100_3962 100_3961I spent a little more time than intended on these, adding that strip across the pad and cutting more of a pattern in the inner part of the shoulder pad. These are embellishments I hadn’t really intended to do, but I’m glad I executed them as they occurred to me. The pieces look much better for them.100_3964 100_3963I also added a little elastic to the bottom to keep them together. I plan on sliding these on and tucking them into my breastplate.100_3965A little paint and we’re done. I considered doing the whole thing red, but I’m glad I changed my mind and kept the white patches on the sunken parts. It’s one of those extra details like the yellow gloves that give the suite more character.100_3967I think it’s high time we did the chest piece, don’t you? Joins us back here next month as we create the largest part of the costume!


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